Kuchiki Byakuya

Kuchiki Byakuya. He is one of character Bleach. He is te 6th captain in 13 Squad Protection of Seiretei. Kuchiki clan is one of Four Great Noble Family in Soul Society.

Abarai Renji is his Vice Captain. Senbonzakura is his soul slayer/zanpakutoh. All zanpakutah have name, Shikai and Bankai, except Zaraki Kenpachi's one. Senbonzakura Kagheyosi is the Bankai. I think he is the great Captain. He can use magical word, Shunpao, Barehand, Flash step and zanpakutoh in the battle. He has a sister, Rukia. Rukia is the sister of Byakuya's wife.

I think for this time is enough. Next time i will add more about Byakuya. I want see the movies first for get more about Byakuya. If thre is wrong about byakuya or this post, please leave the comment. I am still learning in English.

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